Vision statement: To be one of the best Non Governmental Organisation charged with raising up responsible and reasonable adults who will be morally acceptable in the society. Mission statement: An organisation charged with the moral duty to rescue children, teenagers and adults in an era that has been morally annihilated by poor Parenting.


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Aims and objectives.
The aims and objectives of the association are
1. To sensitize/educate parents on proper parenting skills through Radio/ Television programmes, seminars,  churches, town hall meetings, women meeting.
2. To financially empower unemployed widows whose children are still very young so they would be able to train their children in school at least up to secondary school level.
3. To fight for, empower and protect the African girl child especially the ones in the rural areas.
4. To promote family health through sensitisation programmes, carrying out free health tests on HIV/AIDS, cervical, breast and prostrate cancer, blood sugar level tests, blood pressure check, cholesterol level check etc
5. To carry out sensitisation programmes on family nutrition so as to foster family health.
6. To promote female hygiene with special concentration/ attention on teenagers on our various secondary schools through seminars and workshops.
7. To fight substance abuse among our youths through enlightenment programmes.
8. To promote family unity by organising events for parents and their wards.
9. To organise scholarship programmes for the children of the less privileged.
10. To empower youths on skills for self reliance and financial sustainability.

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