Vision statement: To be one of the best Non Governmental Organisation charged with raising up responsible and reasonable adults who will be morally acceptable in the society. Mission statement: An organisation charged with the moral duty to rescue children, teenagers and adults in an era that has been morally annihilated by poor Parenting.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

2019 Children's day celebration.

It was a fun and excitement day as Global Initiative for Proper Parenting celebrates 2019 children's day with children from all works of life.
We had lecture on child Sexual abuse, the children were told  the tricks sexual abuse offenders use and what they should do when there is an attempted abuse. They were told to 'shout', 'walk away' and 'report to a trusted adult.
     Other highlights of the event were, spelling bee competition, chair dance competition, choreography, comedy and dance.
It was indeed a memorable event as lots of children went home with fantastic gift items.

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